How to Access

Parenting groups and playgroups are accessed by calling us to find out when the next ones are on, or being referred to our programs by a friend or worker.

Services Available

Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Support Groups

Using PANDA's Guide to Postnatal Depression Support Groups, we offer a range of different support groups for women and their families.

There can be a range of activities that take place in the group depending on the purpose of the group, the resources available and the skills of the facilitators.

Get more information from: Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia

Supported Playgroups

Playgroup is an informal session where mums, dads, grandparents, caregivers, children and babies meet together in a relaxed environment. Playgroups are set up and run by parents and caregivers, with a range of activities designed to meet the needs of the children attending.

Supported Playgroups are initiated and led by a paid facilitator. These playgroups are typically for families who need additional support – whether they have a CALD background, are Indigenous families, have a member living with a disability, are teenage parents, or are parents who are experiencing various forms of broader social exclusion eg homeless families, or families with a parent experiencing mental health or substance use issues.

Get more information from: Playgroup Victoria

Mothers in Mind®

Mothers in Mind® is Canadian a mother and child program specifically designed to meet the parenting needs of mothers who have experienced family violence, childhood abuse, neglect or sexual assault, and have children under the age of four.

It is, in Australian terms, an Intensive Support Playgroups. These are playgroups with a therapeutic outcome. However, in this case, the outcome is for both mother and child.

Get more information from: Child Development Institute, Toronto

Bringing up Great Kids - The Early Years

The ‘Bringing Up Great Kids in the Early Years’ Parenting Program is a group program developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation for a range of parents of children 0 – 6 years, including those who might be considered ‘vulnerable’ or ‘at risk’.

The program uses ideas of mindfulness and reflection to support parents to review and enhance their patterns of communication with their children, to promote more respectful interactions and encourage the development of children’s positive self-identity.

Get more information from: Australian Childhood Foundation: BUGK - The Early Years.

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