Caroline Chisholm Society is a public company limited by guarantee. We are led by our members, who elect a voluntary Board. Together, we are inspired by Caroline Chisholm to support women with their pregnancy, children and families.

We offer support from the moment a woman learns of her pregnancy to the time her youngest child goes to school. We help women and their families to achieve a safe and nurturing environment for their children.

Our Vision

Caroline Chisholm Society is a family support agency that provides a
broad range of support and assistance to pregnant women and parents with
young children.

Our Mission

To deliver a range of pregnancy and family support services that respond
to the needs of families and support them to achieve and maintain a
safe and nurturing environment.

Our Values

The Caroline Chisholm Society:

  • has respect for life,
  • is compassionate and caring,
  • values social justice,
  • believes in empowerment of women and families,
  • recognises diversity, and
  • operates accountably according to best practice.

Our Objects

  • To operate a  Pregnancy Support Service
  • To provide a service of counselling and practical support to meet
    the physical, psychological and social welfare needs of pregnant women,
    parents of preschool children, and their families
  • To provide a comprehensive service of care and support that will
    free women from feeling compelled by physical, psychological and social
    pressures to choose the termination of a pregnancy.
  • To help alleviate poverty and distress through the provision of financial support material aide and shelter.
  • To provide programs of health education.
  • To develop a greater awareness and understanding of the welfare rights and needs of all people, including the unborn child.
  • To assist those who seek and use the services of the CCS to function independently.

Our History

Established in 1969, the Caroline Chisholm Society is a charitable organisation, both privately and government funded, and is non-denominational. The Society offers support to pregnant women and parents with children up to school age. The Society provides a range of programmes for families in need, including counselling, housing, material aid and in home family support. The families that the Caroline Chisholm Society works with are typically lacking in wider social and family supports and are very grateful for the practical, emotional and financial supports the Society can offer.

The members feel that they are carrying on in the spirit of the Society’s 19th Century namesake, Caroline Chisholm, who was also concerned with the immense disadvantages and pressures facing women and families at that time. She provided practical assistance with accommodation, work and protection – as well as politically agitating on behalf of women and their children.

The Society was founded by a doctor and a group of volunteers in response to a very real need in the community. Whilst the original focus of services was upon providing material aid and pregnancy counselling services, the Society began working in the area of in home family support in 1979.

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