Children and Mothers In Mind

Funded by the Victorian State Government as one of 26 family violence early intervention pilots across the state, Children and Mother’s in Mind (CMiM) is an Australian first program for mothers and children (four years and under) who have experienced family violence and no longer live with the perpetrator.

CMiM recognizes that women who have experienced family violence often lose confidence in their ability to parent effectively, particularly if their parenting is or has been undermined or criticized by an abusive partner, leading to isolation and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Incorporating practice elements originating from Canada, this 22-week evidence informed program will be available at five trial sites across Victoria and be jointly delivered by Children’s Protection Society, Anglicare Victoria, Caroline Chisholm Society, Barwon Centre Against Sexual Assault/Minerva, Merri Outreach Support Services, McAuley Community Support for Women, Vincent Care and Quantum Support Services.

CMiM takes a “two generations" approach and focuses on both the mother and child(ren). Clinicians will adopt a gendered method to working with clients, fostering mother/infant bonding based on relational trauma and attachment theory. The underlying case work component throughout the program, in addition to therapeutic work, distinguishes CMiM from a mere counselling or case work model of intervention.

The Program

Children and Mother’s in Mind will specifically:

  • support mothers and young children early to overcome the impact of trauma due to family violence and improve developmental outcomes for children;
  • increase parenting competency using a combination of psycho-educational and behavioral approaches;
  • support improvement of mother-child bond in order to repair and rebuild the mother-child relationship;
  • create an opportunity to decrease mother and child isolation for those families who feel out of place in traditional parenting support programs;
  • provide strategies to support the mother with her parenting of her very young child, and ultimately ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of the child.

More Information

CPS is currently recruiting to the role of Clinical Practitioner. To view this state-wide opportunity and apply, please click here

Caroline Chisholm Society, McAuley Community Services for Women and VincentCare are the relevant partners in Western Melbourne and Goulburn Valley. You can also apply directly here.

It is anticipated more information about contact details and access pathways will be available by the end of June.

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